This website was created for people that love gaming and tweaking to get the most performance out of hardware. We Bench and Tweak! There is William, Ben and David. Click our names to learn about us. Click here to see who we have worked with.

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About William

William is the mastermind of BenchTweakGaming. He envisioned a site/channel where both Benchmarking and Tweaking combined. The idea is to get maximum performance out of your hardware by creating tweaking software/apps on any type of hardware and benchmark it to compare to show to our viewers.

William directs the artwork, designs and new tweaking software apps ideas. He is constantly drumming up new ideas to produce on this site. We have a lot of ideas on the back burner.

William is a talented artist in print and digital. He has a CompTIA A+ IT certificate and has worked in computer repair and sales for many years.

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About Ben

Ben is talented in everything tech and comes up with ideas with the team. He is an extremely hard worker. He is currently in college and also busy with work outside BenchTweakGaming.com and FreeTimeTech.com.

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About David

David has worked in computer repair and sales. He has done some graphic designing. He likes to troubleshoot more than graphic design.

I am learning.

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Past Works

BenchTweakGaming has worked with the following companies/people:

Sophia Script for Windows by farag2 (Dmitry Nefedov) on GitHub: We work with Dmitry on his Sophia projects. He is a pretty well known Windows 10/11 fine-tuner (Debloater). He has projects (Script and SophiApp: Full C# and WPF version of script) that allows for Windows 10/11 customization and automation. The script project has over 897,000 downloads.


RealHardwareReviews.com: We previously created graphics/designs for their website and YouTube channel and written some news articles.

Featured Image Ad of 2080 Super GPU.
Featured Image Ad of WD SN750 NVME.

Carey Holzman: We created Mike Smith’s and Carey Holzman’s Tech-Vets logo.

Tech-Vets Logo for Podcast/YouTube series.